Celi Lee, illustratrice

Celi Lee, illustratrice travaillant différents mediums et matériaux, est née à Beijing et vit actuellement à Londres.

I search for beauty from everywhere, random thoughts from a poet, veins on the leaves, shape of stone etc, everything from nature deserves a celebration. I like to illustrate the beauty I found by colour pencil, it’s a fantastic tool to depict the reality and at the same time to create the fantasy. Besides, I believe exploring with different media can add more characters to the artwork to make it more lifelike.

Extrait d’une entrevue parue sur Art Glossary

Patterns | Illustration, mixed media | 2009

Cluster | Illustration, Digital, Mandarin orange skin shadow tracing | 2011

Whispering in the leaves | Brochure design | 2010