De belle pochettes graphiques Polonaises

Voici une sélection de belles pochettes graphiques en provenance de Pologne, créées dans les années 50 à 70. (Source : 50 Watts)

The albums are mostly from the fifties to the seventies, and you might recognize the names of some of the designers, like poster design heavyweights Flisak and Olbinski. Wikipedia entry for the label:

Polskie Nagrania « Muza » (« Polish Records ‘Muse’ « ) is a major state-owned Polsih record label located in Warsaw. It was established in 1956 after the merger of the vinyl record factory « Muza » and the record house Polskie Nagrania (with the history of the latter traced to the Interbellum times). It has been producing a wide range of musical records: pop, rock, jazz, folklore, classical, children.

Sources : 50 Watts / Jive Time Records