Les cubes hauts en couleur de Jessica Eaton

Jessica Eaton, photographe vivant à Montréal, superpose les couleurs dans sa série Cubes for Albers and Lewitt.

The images are constructed on sheets of 4 x 5 film. The subject is in reality monochromatic. The photographs use a set of cubes and ground options painted white, two tones of grey, and black. Through multiple exposures, the color hues in each image have been made by exposing the film to additive primaries of red, green and blue. The reflective value of the cubes controls the value of lightness of that hue, and the black is utilized as a type of reflective mask, keeping potential on the film for other exposures. The images are completely photographic yet not visible to the naked eye.

Sources : The New Graphic /  Instantiations